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People seem to *really* like this example - it gets their imagination 
running wild, with dreams of scuba diving, and finding treasure, etc!  :)

This is very similar to the turtle example.
Once again, I subset a rectanglular section of the county map using
"proc gproject" (this time it's a slightly different area of the North
Carolina coast than was used in the turtle example), and I annotate 
the longitude/latitude gridlines and markers for the shipwrecks.

Probably the "neatest" thing is that when you click on the shipwreck
markers, it lets you drilldown (via the annotate's html variable's
href= link) to the website for that particular shipwreck.
I can't take credit for creating these webpages about the individual
shipwrecks, but they're full of wonderful descriptions and underwater
pictures of the wrecks.

And, once again, I annotate an image/logo for a special touch -- this
time a dive-flag.  When you click on it, it takes you to a website 
about wreck-diving in North Carolina.

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