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This is a SAS/Graph version of

I used simple data steps, and a SAS/Graph Gplot of the points.

In this version I add colors for each 'level' - at first I 
used symbol statements for each color, and let gplot assign 
them (via "plot y*x=colorvar") but that was a little slow 
and inefficient, so I got a little tricky and suppressed 
the gplot markers, and annotated each dot - this sped things
up by about 50% (which is important, because I also set it
up to allow drilldowns, and therefore the interactive response
time was important).


I set up macro variables at the top of the program where you 
can easily control which piece of the Mandelbrot set to show
(this let's you "zoom in" on a section).

I also annotated a 3x3 grid (invisible/behind the chart) with
html href drilldown, and the URL generates the Mangelbrot
graph of that section of the grid ... the caveat being that
you must be on the SAS internal network for that to work! 
If you've got your own SAS/Intrnet server, I'll be happy to
send you a copy of the SAS/Intrnet job, so you can run this
on your machine :)

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