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This is a SAS/Graph imitation of:

The 'buttons' along the left are annotated text labels,
with html tags (title=) for the drilldowns to the selected map.

Instead of cluttering the map with text on each state, I use 
html hover-text so you can mouse over the states and see the

In addition to the hover-text with the state name, I also set up
html drilldowns (href=) so you can click on the states to launch
a Google search for the selected type of natural disaster for 
that state.

Also, to help make the small states along the East coast visible,
I use rectangular 'fake' map areas to the right.

**Note: Whereas the original (USA Today) map used Flash (and therefore 
will not work on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads), the SAS version
uses simple png files for the graphics, and html for the drilldown.

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