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This SAS program downloads several map tile images form the
OpenStreetmaps (or other) map servers on the Internet, 
converts a SAS map to the same coordinate system as the 
OpenStreetMaps, and then draws both the SAS map and 
OpenStreetMaps images on the same page (all lined up
in the correct locations).  

Since the image is on top of the map, and obscures the map 
borders, I make an extra copy of the map borders via annotate
move/draw commands, and annotate the borders on top of the images.

City (or other) markers are also annotated on the map at 
certain latitude/longitude locations (which also places them
on the OpenStreetMaps images at the desired locations).

I think SAS does a very good job of combining the several 
OpenStreetMaps image tiles together into (what looks like)
one single image, and does a nice job of combining it with a 
real map.

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