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This example demonstrates how to 'tag' items in a photo
(giving them mouse-over text and/or drilldown), using

Basically, you create a blank SAS/Graph 'gmap' in the same
proportions as the photo, and then annotate the photo into 
that gmap rectangle.  You use the x and y pixels of the 
photo as your 'coordinates' and after determining the
x and y pixel coordinates of the people in the photo you
want to tag (using 'Paint' or other graphics editing 
software), you annotate a circle on those locations
with the HTML hover-text and/or drilldown.

You can annotate the circle on top of the photo if you
want it 'visible', or behind the photo if you want 
the circle 'invisible'.

The code in this example should be easily re-usable with
your own photos :)

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