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New SAS 9.4 "ods html5" allows you to create html5 graph output that has 
everything in 1 html file (rather than 1 html file for the chartips & drilldown
and a separate html file for the png graph).

This now provides a simple/manageable way to programmatically email SAS/graph 
output that contains charttips & drilldowns (by simply attaching that 1 file
in an email).

Gone are the days of having to attach 2 files (html & png), and then having 
to worry about using relative or absolute pathnames in the html to point to 
the png file, and instructing the email recipient how to save the 2 files
and view them!

This example demonstrates how to create such an ods html5 graph 
(inline in the html), and then email that html file as an attachment.