Robert Allison's SAS/GRAPH Examples (#7)


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SAS Version of 'Microsoft Excel' Charts



Clustered Column Chart             Clustered Column (3D)                 Stacked Column               Stacked Column (3D)





100% Stacked Column             100% Stacked (3D)                 100% Stacked Bar               100% Stacked Bar (3D)





Clustered Bar Chart (2D)         Clustered Bar Chart (3D)        Stacked Bar Chart (2D)              Stacked Bar Chart (3D)





Simple 2D Pie Chart             Exploded 2D Pie Chart                 Doughnut Pie Chart               3D Column Chart





Pie w/ 3D Visual Effect             Exploded 3D Pie Chart                 3D Doughnut Chart               Simple Scatter Plot





Scatter w/ Smoothed Line             Without Markers                 Scatter w/ Straight Line               Without Markers





Simple 2D Bubble Plot             Bubble w/ 3D Effect                 3D Surface Contour               Surface Chart (top view)





Simple 2D Area Plot             Simple Stacked Area Plot                 100% Stacked Area               3D Area Chart





Simple Radar Chart             Solid/Filled Radar Chart                 High-Low-Close Plot               Line & Column





These samples courtesy of Robert Allison

Please see the following README

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