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SAS/Graph imitation/enhancement of 2nd  Epidemic / Epi Curve graph on this page:

This is a bar chart, with the x-axis suppresses (made 'invisible'
by making it the same white color as the background, but not using
value=none because I still want the values to take up some space),
and the desired dates (every 2 weeks) annotated along that blank

Gchart would typically want to label each bar, and would not let you
have a Gplot-like axis (with major/minor ticks).

I add html hover-text to each bar (using html=my_html) so you can
hover over the bars and know the exact date & number.

I make the salmonella strain a different color in the title,
so it's easier to see that part.

I annotate an alpha-transparent polygon for the gray area
on the right-side of the graph, and annotate the text above it.

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