1 Not very nice
3 Something for dessert
4 Something you might need, when using statistical software
5 There are many of these in Statistics, including a 'T' one
7 There is a central theorem
9 Useful in set theory
10 The way something is divided or spread out
11 An array of numbers, or a place where you choose the red pill
12 A type of regression
13 This group doesn't get treatment
14 You probably won't get this one
17 A betting man likes these
18 Pick a number - pick any number...
21 Some people are quite divided over this one
22 Is this a statistical abbreviation, or a medical term?
25 I'll give you a hint, if and only if you want me to
27 Plural or singular - spelled the same


2 Make your best guess!
6 Difference between the observed value and predicted value
8 All the children in Lake Wobegon are above this
15 Stuck in the middle with you
16 All random variables in the sequence or vector have the same finite variance
19 Less than the whole
20 Sounds like something you'd row a boat with
22 In theory, this is a branch of mathematics
23 1 or 0
24 This assumption often simplifies the analysis
26 Value that appears most often in the data
28 You might get a curve out of this
29 Hopefully your pre-conceived notions won't do this to your analysis
30 This one's out there all by itself