This Treemap was created using SAS/Graph proc gmap, and
a custom map data set created using some macros I wrote.
Click here to see details on how the macros work.

Click here to see the SAS code that calls the macros.
Click here to see the example.

This example uses a 2-level Treemap, with the big grouped boxes 
representing a region (or continent), and the individual boxes 
representing a 'subsidiary' (such as a city or metropolitan area).
The size of the boxes is controlled by the total amount of sales
in each subsidiary.

I show 2 variations of the Treemap - the first one shaded by region,
and the 2nd one shaded by sales (therefore, in the 2nd map, both
the size of the boxes, and the color of the boxes represent the sales
in that subsidiary). 

I use html title= charttip/flyover-text, and I annotate the outlines
to group the regions together, and annotate labels on the regions.
I also annotate a picture of a shoe in the bottom/right of the page.

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