Amazon HQ2 - Ratings of Potential Locations

Location Population Stability Talent Location Average GPA
Raleigh/Charlotte/Greensboro, NC A+ C+ C- B- B 2.75
Nashville, TN A+ A- F B- B- 2.67
Atlanta, GA A+ B- C- C- B- 2.60
Austin, TX A+ F C A- B- 2.50
Salt Lake City, UT A+ B- C- D+ B- 2.50
Virginia & DC, VA A+ C A- F B- 2.50
Denver, CO A+ B- B- F C+ 2.42
Minneapolis, MN A+ C- B- D- C+ 2.34
Detroit, MI A+ D+ D+ C+ C+ 2.33
Boston, MA A+ D+ B+ F C+ 2.25
Orlando, FL A+ B- F C C 2.17
Las Vegas, NV A+ C F C- C 2.00
Phoenix/Tucson, AZ A+ D+ D+ F C 1.75
Cleveland/Columbus/Cincinnati, OH A+ F F B- C- 1.67
Hickory, NC F C+ C- B- C- 1.67
Chicago, IL A+ F D- C- D+ 1.66
Portland, OR A+ F D- D+ C- 1.58
Newark, NJ A+ F D+ F D+ 1.42
New York, NY A+ F F F D 1.25
Pittsburgh/Philadelphia, PA A+ F F D D+ 1.25

Data sources: CNBC America's Top States for Business 2017 , and U.S. Census Bureau data