The author wishes to express thanks to all the members of his committee (Moon W. Suh, Trevor J. Little, Carl Priestland, Tushar K. Ghosh, and David G. Garson) for their support, advice, and encouragement. In particular, the direct involvement of Moon W. Suh and Carl Priestland in all phases of the research is greatly appreciated.

Also, the author wishes to express appreciation for the funding and direction provided by the National Textile Center (NTC), without which the research could not have been conducted.

The author also wishes to extend his sincere gratitude to the following for their assistance, advice, and encouragement in the technical aspects of the research: Paul Kent (SAS/SQL), David Dickey (SAS graphics), David Garson (dBase), Frank DiIorio (SAS programming), Sam Moore (AFS and Unix), Larry Robinson (loading tapes), Paul Marsh (SAS graphics), Ade Ola (SQL), Robert Young (SQL), Chris Pastore (WWW animations), Ellen McDaniel (publication graphics), Kok Chen (PostScript), Evan Boughman (Unix), Phil Lewellen (Unix), and Mike Mitchell (C programming).

Also, a special thanks to SAS Institute for allowing North Carolina State University to use SAS software free of charge.

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