2.1 Jacquard Loom Pattern Card
2.2 Hollerith's Card
2.3 I.B.M. Punch Card (1950)
2.4 Increasing Speed of Computers
2.5 Changing the Scales of Plot Axes
2.6 Back-Propagation (BP) Network Structure
4.1 Hardware Selection
4.2 Various Media Types
4.3 TABIS Data Directory Structure
4.4 Data Conversion to ASCII
4.5 Conversion from ASCII to SAS Tables
4.6 Sample Unix Makefile
4.7 Indexing Data Sets
4.8 Writing Efficient Queries
4.9 More Efficient Pattern Testing
4.10 More Efficient Table Joins
5.1 Sample Menu Selection
5.2 Generating Code Based on User Input
5.3 Sample Query-Building C Code
5.4 Programmatically-Built SAS Query
5.5 Running SAS from a C Program
5.6 Using AFS @sys and Unix Symbolic Links
5.7 Using "include" Files to Share Code
5.8 TABIS Interface Directory Structure
5.9 TABIS Main Menu
5.10 Sample ASCII Plot
6.1 Sample Codes for BLS CPI Deflators
6.2 Calculating Constant Dollar Values
6.3 Calculating Per Capita Values
6.4 Calculating Retired Population by State
6.5 Calculating Population per Square Mile
6.6 Selecting Data to Graphically Integrate
6.7 Graphically Integrating Two Data Sets
6.8 Sample Plot Integrating Two Data Sets
6.9 Sample Population Tree Plot
6.10 U.S. Map of Projected Population Shift for Age 20-64
6.11 U.S. Map of Projected Population Shift for Age 65+
6.12 Plotting a County Dot Map
6.13 Textile Employment Dot Map
6.14 Apparel Employment Dot Map
6.15 Dot Map Showing Importance of Apparel Employment
6.16 Creating a Pie Chart Map
6.17 Clothing Sales in All Stores Pie Chart Map
6.18 Clothing Sales in Department Stores Pie Chart Map
6.19 Transforming the BLS/CE Data
6.20 Plotting the BLS/CE Data in 3D
6.21 Average Household Expenditure on Apparel and Services by Income Level and Year
6.22 Total U.S. Expenditure on Apparel and Services by Income Level and Year
6.23 Monthly Sales Animation
6.24 Population Animation
6.25 Selecting Matching NPD and Census Data
6.26 Calculating Per Capita Consumption
6.27 Calculated Jeans Per Person Plot
6.28 Forecasting Units Per Person
6.29 Plotting the Units Per Person
6.30 Jeans Per Person Projection
6.31 Plotting Consumption and Population Projections
6.32 Total Jeans Projection (NPD)
6.33 Tailored Clothing Projection Using Means
6.34 Tailored Clothing Projection Using Linear Regression
6.35 Total Jeans Projection (MRCA)
6.36 Selecting Related Data from Several Sources
6.37 Merging Data Sets for Combined Analyses
6.38 Applying Transformations to Variables
6.39 Interactive Scatter Plot of Merged Variables
6.40 Multiple Regression (JN = SLK POP INC)
6.41 Plot of (JN = SLK POP INC) Model Results
6.42 Rotating 3D Plot of Variables of Interest
6.43 Multiple Regression (JPP = SPP I83)
6.44 Plot of (JPP = SPP I83) Model Results
6.45 Remotely Accessing TABIS
6.46 TABIS World Wide Web (WWW) Home Page

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