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This is a new version of one of the earliest sas/graph maps I
created many years ago when I was in grad school at the NCSU
College of Textiles.  The original map could be dynamically 
produced via the TABIS (Textile/Apparel Business Information
System) with was a user-interface I wrote in C that would take
your input and write a sas job, and then run that sas job for
you, and then the sas session (and the resulting map) would
pop up on your screen -- "crude" but effective :)

In this new version, instead of showing the map in sas, I 
create the output using ODS HTML, and it can be viewed on the
web using a browser (which is much more convenient).
Also, with ods html, I am able to add html title= charttips/
flyover-text using gmap's "html=" option.  When you mouse over
the counties (using the IE browser) you will see charttips with
the county name, and the number of apparel manufacturing 

Aside from the html charttips, the only other "trick" I use
in this example is that I customize the legend so that it will
"share" the same space as the map - this allows me to manually
position the legend (using the origin option) so that it is
located in the "dip" in the northeast that would have otherwise
been unused white space.

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