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Similar to the apparel employment map, this is another of my oldest examples
(one I originally did in grad school, as part of the Textile/Apparel Business
Information System at North Carolina State University), that I have web-ified 
using ods html and title= charttip/flyover text.

It's pretty simple ... I use the maps.uscenter data set to get the x/y
coordinates of the center of each state, and I create an annotate data set
using the annotate "pie" function.  I use the 'rotate' variable to tell it
how big to draw each pie slice, and the 'color' variable to determine
whether the slice is black or white.  I then do a 360-degree empby black 
pie to draw an outline/border around the pie (so the white slice doesn't
blend in the the white map areas.

I use the 'html' variable in the annotate data set to code in some html
title= charttips/flyover-text, so when you mouse over the pie slices you
see the data values and the state name.

Also, since there is no automatic legend for annotated pies, I annotate
a legend showing which pie color corresponds to male and female 
clothing sales.

When you click on the pies, it takes you to drilldown graph & table,
via an html 'anchor' that's farther down on the same page.

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