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This is a new/web version of another of my oldest examples, that
I thought up while in grad school.

Basically, there are machines that you can use to analyze yarn
(such as the yarn used to weave fabric), and it can record the
thickness of the yarn.  We wanted a way to simulate what the fabric
woven from this fabric might look like.

Therefore, I wrote a sas/graph program that creates a custom
sas/graph gmap data set, where each area in the map is a piece of
a segment of yarn.  At each point where the yarns intersect, I 
alternate between showing the "warp" and the "weft" (filling/insertion)
yarn.  I leave the length as fixed, and and I vary the width of 
each simulated yarn segment based on the measured thickness value.

This, in effect, visually simulates what fabric might look like 
if woven from this yarn.

For this demo, I show a rather large/magnified version, so you can 
see the detail.  In real-life, much more data can be mapped on one 
page, thereby making the yarns look smaller (more real-life size)
and the fabric looks much more realistic.

Variations could also be done, adding color (such as the color 
'red' to indicate thin/weak yarn segments), as shown in this other example.

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