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This is sort of a combination of dashboards from the following pages: 

I used the SAS/Graph gchart procedure to draw the bar charts (vbar) 
and and pie chart.  In the large bar chart, I used annotate to 
draw the thick line segment at the 'plan' value, and also to put
the 'plan' in the legend.  

I used the SAS/Graph greplay procedure to place the multiple charts on 
the same page.

I used the SAS/Graph gslide procedure to draw the main titles at 
the top of the page (overlaying that with the smaller graphs using
greplay).  For this main title slide, I annotated a deep red square
behind it, so it would have that color background in the greplay
(since greplay can't use different color cback's for the different
charts it's overlaying).  The eyeball at the top/right was done using
a special character in the title (webdings font character '4E'x), 

I used annotate to draw the gray borders around the chart.
In the charts on the top row, I drew this gray border so that it fell
inside the footnote titles.  In the bottom 2 charts, I drew the gray 
square such that it was inside the main title above the graph.

In the bar charts along the top row, I annotated the lines between 
the bars, and annotated the gray area behind the first 2 bars.
Also in these top-row charts, I used a custom axis statement to 
order the bars in the desired order.

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