Robert Allison's SAS/Graph Dashboards


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Music Equip. Dashbd             DM Review Dashboard                 Royal Dutch Petro.               iPhone Dashboard





Few's Telesales Dash.         Few's Sales Dashboard        Few's Marketing Dashbd              Few's CIO Dashboard





Star Trek Dashboard         Stephen Few Dashboard        2012 Dashboard Contest              Lithuania Demographics





Hotel CFO Reports         New Proc GKPI Dashboard        Sparkline Dashboard              Restaurant Dashboard





NYC Crime Dashboard             Real Estate Analysis                 Electrical Dashboard               Brokerage Dashboard





Banking Dashboard             IT Analysis Dashboard                 Airline Executive Dash               Flights Dashboard





Throughput Dashboard         SAS/Intrnet - Interactive        Chrysler and Fiat's Merger              Fundraising Dashboard





Airline Data Dashboard         Oil Industry Dashboard        Stop-Lighting Dashboard              Executive Dashboard





Paper about Gauges         Direct Marketing Dashboard        School's Performance              Hospital Statistics Dash.





Google Analytic Dash         Acme Sales Dashboard        Is US Congress Reflective?              Sharing a Legend





APAC Digital Market         Acme Sales Dashboard        Is US Congress Reflective?              Sharing a Legend






These samples courtesy of Robert Allison

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If you are interested in seeing more information about dashboards, and a variety of examples, 
I recommend The Dashboard Spy Collection of Business Intelligence Dashboards.
Several of my SAS/Graph examples are show-cased on that site! :)