Robert Allison's HLS SAS/Graph Samples


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Male vs Female Health             Interactive Human Body                 Flu Tracking Analytics               Meningitis Map





When Are Babies Born?             Health Care Payment                 Allergies and Asthma               Adverse Event Timeline





Twins: 1980 and 2009             Obesity Rate in the US                 Diabetes Rate in the US               Diabetes & Obesity





Aids/Smoking/Income             Chlamydia in New York                 Gonorrhea Animation               Swine Flu in Mexico





Foreign vs Native Born             Smokers by Age Group                 Groundwater Arsenic               Decline in Smoking





Biorhythm Animations             Isolating Human CD105                 Sterilization Birth Ctrl               Emissions Standards





World Life Expectancy             Trellis Compare Chart                 Genome Analysis Grid               Allergy Forecast Plot





Smokers' Risk Analysis             Simian Virus 40 Chart                 How Will You Die?               Swine Flu in Perspective





Treatment on Mortality             Twin Incidence Charts                 Twin Rate Mother Age               Star Trek Sick Bay






These samples courtesy of Robert Allison

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