Robert Allison's Weather-Related SAS/Graph Samples


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Precipitation Compare             Temp. Animation                 Hurricane / Tornadoes               Tornado Graphs





World Temp Trends             Hurricane & Typhoon                 Atlantic Hurricanes               Rain Animation





Annotating Weather             Sunspot History Plot                 Carbon Dioxide Levels               Temperatures





Hurricane's Flooding             2016 Snowpocalypse                 Perfect Temperature               Wind Speed Map





Tornado Animation             Polar Sea Ice Extents                 School Snow Closings               Denver Snowfall





Change in Sea Level             Tornado Outbreak '08                 AK Wind Vector Map               Rivers / Watersheds





Florida's Hurricanes             Tornadoes 1950-2013                 Weed Pollen Calendar               Weed Pollen Plot





Allergies and Asthma             Temperatures Loess                 Temperature Boxplot               Circular Axes Plot





Natural Disaster Map             High Temperatures                 Tropical Storm Freq.               Temp & Electricity





Drought Index Map             Wind Speed Direction                 Hurricane Fran Rains               Speed & Direction





Daylight Hours graph             Hurricane Matthew                 Polar / Wind Graph               Wind & Solar Power





Jordan Lake Flooding             Cat. 5 Hurricanes                 Under Construction               Under Construction




Lake Jordan Water Level (1983-present)





These samples courtesy of Robert Allison

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