Robert Allison's Manufacturing-Related SAS/Graph Samples


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Choosing a Market or Business to go into ...


Smartphones in the US             RIAA Music Revenue                 Population Animation               Consumer Price Index





European Expenditures             World Demographics                 Texting Msgs vs Voice               Hybrid Sales in the US





Automobile Sales Trend             Automakers Volume                 Where the Boys Aren't               Research Competition


Plant Location Considerations ...


World Tax Comparison             Natural Disasters Map                 East Coast Hurricanes               Electricity Prices





Walmart Growth Anim.             Fedex Delivery Estimate                 Transportation Route               Unemployment Anim.





Nanotech Valley Search             Apparel Manufacture                 Unemployment in NC               Apparel Manufacturing


Employee Wages ...


College Grad Salaries             College Major Statistics                 Salary Inequity Graph               Minimum Wage Hikes


Production / Manufacturing / Quality Control ...


Woven Fabric Simulation             Woven Fabric Map                 Defect Visualizaiton map               Cotton Quality





Warranty Analysis Plot             Defect Analysis Maps                 Stations on Shop Floors               Q.C. for M&Ms


Pollution ...


Mercury in ME Lakes             Lead Pollution Exposure                 Groundwater Arsenic               Superfund Cleanup


Sales & Marketing ...


Target Your Customers             Clothing Sales by Sex                 Shoe Sales Tree Map               Apple Bad Quarter





Musikasa Dashboard             Stephen Few Dashboard                 Track Web Marketing               Restaurant Sales


Customer Satisfaction ...


Customer Satisfaction             Satisfaction Comparison                 Factors of Satisfaction               Social Media Likes







These samples courtesy of Robert Allison

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